Friday, June 27, 2008

Pitch progress #4

Made some good progress tonight, even considered finishing it off which would have probably taken an hour. If it doesn't rain tomorrow the chances are that the groundsman will cut the rest of the grass tomorrow morning which will reduce the amount of grass I need to cut and make the job easier. As promised I went out this evening before I did anymore cutting and did a few shots of the field -

The top two views are looking into the corner of the field where the practice wicket is. The practice wicket being in that far corner. If you look at the practice wicket image at the bottom this is the view looking the other way. I'd have been taking the top 2 images from a position nearer the red container.

You can see the progress made so far up to the point when I took the pictures, but tonight I made a massive effort to cut a lot more than previous sessions and I reckon I must have around 1/3 rd of the whole 17 yards to still cut. I would imagine that by Monday night maybe sooner it will have all been cut and I'll have had the mower on it and cut it evenly. I'm thinking that what I'll then do is not play on it till it recovers a bit and once it's recovered give it another mow and then perhaps a week later we'll start to use it? We'll see what happens.