Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pitch progress #2

Cut some more this evening at both ends and also cut the previously cut with shears sections with the mower, so it's shaping up. Another boy was added to the potential cricket team - a slightly older lad about 12. Some of the younger lads look like they're really getting into it and appear to have been practicing! Currently we're up to 9 boys and me and if can get another 3 we can have a full fielding team and 2 batting! I can then start to teach them their fielding positions (Which'll be useful as it means I'll have to learn them as I go along)!

They'll have to have a name soon at this rate! I suppose it follows that they're called "MPA 2nd XI"? Or maybe Great Berry Boys 1st XI after the boys club that uses the boxing facilities and football pitch in the winter!

The groundsman had also started to cut the field again today and he's been all round the outsides so far, so maybe if it doesn't rain over-night the field will have been cut all over which will enable me to cut it quicker perhaps?