Friday, June 13, 2008

Round the legs

I went over to "Local Field" tonight and had an hour bowling keeping with the strategy of bowling alternate off and legspin using my "Gipper" for the leg spin and either the Doosra or Wrong Un for the off-spin and the occassional Top Spinner. But after the spell of indoor bowling at the exhibition venue a couple of days ago where I was bowling round the students legs I decided to follow that up out on the field. So using only one stump at the bowlers end I placed the 2 spare stumps around about 5' in front of the stumps and draped a coat over them to represent the batsman.

Now I reckon that this is either going to be very detrimental to my bowling or good - I'll have to wait and see what other people say about it as a training technique? But my feelings are this -

I generally always practice on my own and I'm bowling directly at the stumps and therefore may have a tendency to bowl longer than neccesary? I feel that if I practice in this manner I'm going to bowl slightly shorter and I also noticed that Peter Philpott was saying that the primary intention is to get the ball past the batsman? What I did today was bowl slightly short of the batsmans position and get the ball turn round behind him into the stumps from either side and I was pretty good at doing so. But it seemed just the idea of bowling it at and around the position for a yorker made sense.

I was also mucking around with the flight and the speed of the delivery but getting it and around the same length and line bowling both the gipper and the wrong uns, it all seemed okay. I also noted that if I bowl the Gipper my run-up is different and possibly more orthodox?

We'll see what happens this Sunday? It looks like we've got a home match and I think our wicket is pretty grassy in which case I may be able to get it to turn some?