Saturday, June 07, 2008

I've just watched the weather and it's going to be better than prviously predicted - 26 degrees, blue skies and back to back sunshine - real cricket weather and yes - the game is on! I checked my text this morning and I'd had a message from Neil the captain and I've got a game. Looking at the website though it indicates there's nothing set up other than a 1st Sunday team match - so maybe I'm playing with them? Who cares as long as I get a game!

This evening my kids wanted me to go over to "Local Field" as Ben is in a ball throwing competition and his mate who lives a few roads away who's also in the same comp wanted to do some practice, so off we went. I stopped off and picked up their bats, gloves, pads and the stumps and suggested that they might want to have a knock around and they didn't wholly reject the idea.

Once over there I put up the stumps and their mate was watching me bowling and you could see he was itching to have a go and it didn't take much before we were all having a bit of a game. Now, both my sons having done it a little bit (Cricket) love it when you introduce a new kid who when it comes to other sports (including the throwing comp) like football tend to be a lot better than they are. But when it comes to cricket because of the little bits they've done with me suddenly they're the stars of the show, it's them telling the new kid that they're bowling wides and that they're chucking the ball and that they need to get back into their crease etc. Suddenly their enthusiasm shoots up as they rule the roost and it ended up that we carried on playing through the drizzle and were playing for over an hour and half on my little practice wicket. That means all that hand shearing and mowing wasn't completely in vain!

The new kid despite being all over the place loved it and he's well up for it - asking Ben and Joe what time he can come round in the morning so that we can all have another game tomorrow. So that's really good as it's re-kindled Ben and Joe's enthusiasm and hopefully they'll be up for it more in the future?

That's it for now - match report tomorrow and I'll try and get some shots of our ground tomorrow as well.