Saturday, June 14, 2008


Tomorrow we play Margaretting at home which'll be the first time I'll have played at home this year and as usual I'm optimistic about how it'll go! We'll see in 24 hours the reality?

Tonight I took Joe and Ben over to "Local Field" it's the one that I'm cutting the grass on this year (as you can see in the image) and it's just across the road from where I live so it's my place of practice most of the time. Even with the kids around I managed to throw a few balls doing the alternating between off spin and leg spin. I did the same thing as last night I stuck the stumps into the wicket where the batsman would stand and tried to bowl in front of the position that he'd take up. Again it all seemed to make sense, I'm accurate and able to bowl whatever length I want and make the ball turn in from either side and hit the stumps or even miss the stumps because it turns so sharp. The wrong uns and the Doosra turn like the video here -

But it's just not something I'm normally able to replicate in a match situation. I noticed too that the way I bowl when I practice is so much more fluid and relaxed and the ball just spins loads. Maybe it didn't help that we were totally outclassed last week by the blokes in the other team, perhaps this week it may be more evenly matched?