Friday, August 22, 2008

Bowling Practice

Had a bit of practice tonight having come across this video on youtube...

In the past loads of people have said that my run up/walk in is basically crap/wrong. Super Dave and Neil have both spent a bit of time with me explaining what I should be doing, but always at some point when I've had other agenda's to address and they've had other people to deal with as well as me. This video on the other hand comes at a point running up to Sept 30th when I'm looking to change the way I bowl radically, so I'm a lot more receptive to it's content. I was particularly taken with the lifting the leg up and over as a part of the action leading into the follow through and the burst of power aspect. I like too the fact that this is so important that they even have training techniques (See video) where they put an obstacle in front of the popping crease so that you have to lift your leg over in that fashion.

So even without a cricket ball I started to practice this and initially it felt really odd. I then converted this to the field and using a ball and yes it does feel slightly strange and exaggerated at the minute but already I see and feel there's a big difference. The most obvious is the power and the speed of my bowling - it has improved so much just because of this one aspect. Needless to say there's some length issues to address because I'm probably bowling another 5, 10 or maybe even 15 mph faster, but this'll come. All I've got to do is keep at it untill the action becomes 2nd nature and then in the nets this winter (Fingers crossed) I can make further improvements?