Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Sept 14th Game

Hmmm - will this come off I wonder? The situation at the minute is that people are saying they're up for it as the day draws nearer. The idea of playing at Langdon Hills Rec has loads of downsides to it -
  • It'll cost £80 for the pitch hire
  • It's on a slope
  • There's no bar
  • The majority of the players will have to travel further to get there
  • I'd have to stump up the £80 up front and it may get cancelled

The other option would be to play at Grays that has many upsides to it - the hire of the pitch is less and it goes into G&CCC coffers. There's beer and that helps G&CCC. The pitch is flatter and it's closer for the majority of the players. The main downside is that it's a damn ugly ground and you stand a chance of being mauled by Rottweilers or being shot at with 2.2 air rifles from the flats (Actually that's never happened but it could)? All I'm saying is that compared to Langdon Hills Rec it's rough. So I reckon if this game happens Grays will be the best option.

Team sheet Revised in Batting order

  1. Simon Grainge (bowl)
  2. Nakul Handa (bowl)
  3. Chris Eggleton (bowl)
  4. Jack (Wkt)
  5. Alex (bowl)
  6. Rod Jeanes (bowl)
  7. Dave Thompson (bowl)
  8. Badger (bowl)
  9. Alex Wood
  10. Richard Sainsbury

Neil Samwell may still be up for playing for us and if he is that'll be 11. There's the potential to include a 14 year old Leg Spinner dependent on how he performs over the next week or two. There's also a vague chance that Suhail might play but to be realistic it's a real outside chance as he didn't respond to my last few text messages. Rod Jeanes is also a long shot.

possible options - Thomas Slater, Badger's mate Paul, Carl Hodgson, Trevor the bloke, Alex Wood's brother,