Saturday, August 02, 2008

Gipper News G&CCC

Over the holiday I did bowl the Gipper a bit as I intended and this evening I threw a few balls, but the line and length is still all over the shop, again as I've said before - when it comes right it's an incredible ball, but statistically it's still a no-go situation with bowling it in games. I also noticed tonight that feeling under the weather and what with it p******g it down in our last week and therefore not bowling it was taking it's toll on my arm, so tonight reverted back to bowling Flippers and Wrong Uns which both looked fairly affective. I noticed that over the holiday mixing the Flipper in with the Wrong uns sometimes produced results. All season I've avoided using the flipper as I always tend to bowl it down the leg side which is fatal. Over the holiday I've been bowling it at the middle and off area and been quite accurate and it's not strayed down the legside much at all, so I may be tempted to bowl it tomorrow in with the Wrong uns and Top Spinners?

I'll see how my arm strength goes over the school break and continue to practice the Gipper and see if it comes to anything. But the major off season plan is to drop all these variations, get the Philpott book out and learn the leg break from scratch, so that come April I can bowl massive Leg breaks.