Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sunday practice and player shortages

Went over the field this evening and had a bit of a practice - wrong uns, flippers, Gippers and Top-spinners. Again it went pretty well and again I've been working on getting some speed up and it seems to be coming together. I was saying on another website thread that I find that I get a lot more turn off the pitch with my wrong uns if I'm really loose and relaxed. It seems like my whole arm, wrist and fingers combine together to whip the ball out of my hand if it's relaxed, I'll see if I can produce the same thing tomorrow.

With regards tomorrow it'll be a miracle if it comes off. Boffa was saying last night he's short of his main team players but was just off down the pub to go and see both his 1st XI and his 2nd XI as such. Seems that the last game they played there was a load of blokes that were saying "Why didn't you give me a shout - I'd have played" so it's these blokes that he's now calling on to fill both his team up and our 3rd XI team.

It then got worse as Neil sent me a text saying that we (G&CCC) may need as many as 5 players from Boffa's 2nd XI. Boffa's at Lords today with a crew of blokes and they're all watching the Essex v Kent game and no doubt they've had a skin full as I've sent him a text and he's not got back to me. I've emailed him and his Wife Sue and she's going to leave a message for him for when he gets in but she kind of implied that he may not be in a fit state to read it and make sense of it when he eventually gets in.

I'm the captain of this team as well if we get 11 blokes for each side. I suppose one thing we could do is play with 10 aside if it comes down to it just as long as we get a team out on the field as it'll be good for the club on the beer sales front.