Sunday, August 31, 2008

Last Day of August

What a dreary August! This has got to have been one of the worst ever for lack of sunshine. Cricket pitches and fields at this time of year should be a nice yellow, but they're not they're lush and green it looks like May instead of August or Ireland! Good news is that England as a one day international team under Kevin Pieterson are doing well and despite the rain again today at Lords they've beaten the South Africans again.

No cricket for me again this weekend as I was in Derby for family commitments. I'll have to make it known as soon as possible that I'm up for a game this Sunday in order that I get picked. Interestingly the contact I had from Gray and Chadwell was an email sounding us all out about the possibility that we play in a Sunday League next year? I wouldn't have thought that would have affected me because surely that would only really apply to the Sunday 1st XI and I can't imagine that I'd be picked to play with the 1st's ever? I'll have to pick up my emails later and see what's happened or ask about it next week and see what the deal is?

Some good news though from the weekend relates to me re-learning the Leg Break and that you'll find in the other blog - in the diary section. I'd have changed the name of the blog if I could - but I don't seem to be able to do that so I'll have to stick with the same website address.

Valence Way Cricket Ground

On the lush green grass front - I can't recall if I've already mentioned this...... But I've scored another mower. At the minute I can't tell you what model it is, but again it's old skool - another barrel/cyclinder system and manual. This one is a bit more up - market in that it's got a roller built in, but the thing is whereas my Qualcast Panther has a minimum cut of 12mm this one is dramatically lower - something in the region of about 6mm and it looks like there may even be scope for an even lower cut? But it may have another feature in the form of a scraper, which follows the cutting blades and precedes the roller. It might be for scraping up worm casts or something? But it's going to scrape off any obvious lumps on the wicket - so that'll be interesting to see how it works out.

I've recently scored a big bag of grass seed, so last week I levelled all the run in footholes and seeded them. I watered them as well today - but there should be some rain tonight by all accounts. The wicket does need cutting and I went over there this evening to do this but there had been some rain and the grass was too wet to cut. Hopefully at some point this week we'll get a dry day and I'll be able to do it otherwise the grass will be getting to the point where it'll need to be cut with shears if I'm not careful.