Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mercenary Cricket

I didn't get the usual call up from Neil this week - don't know why and ended up having to text him today asking for a game. He came back offering me a place on the oppo's team which'll be a laugh. I quite fancy the idea of playing against the Grays 2nd Sunday team. No doubt I'll be right at the bottom of the batting order and probably wont get a bat and the likelyhood of the them giving me some overs is virtually non-existant I would imagine, but it's a game and hopefully I'll be able to make some kind of contribution in the field. It looks like the Team is Three Caps whoever they are. I've just looked at their website and there's loads of images of their players with Nasser Hussein! Let's hope he's their captain!

Other mercenary actions in the Pipeline are due next week on Wednesday night. I may be drafted in to go into action for the MCCC against Waynes Tilbury Taxi's team. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed there as well, actually thinking about it I don't think they've got a lot of choice as I am "Kit-you-like" purveyor of free cricket equipment to start up cricket teams, so it looks like I will be playing unless people want to start paying hire fees! Needless to say in retaliation to the upper-hand I might think I have over them with regards selection onto the team they will make it known that they're not happy and will have me at No.11 in a T20 match and wont give me any overs and probably make me field at Silly Point or Silly Mid off, ah well s**t happens!