Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kids Cricket at Valence Way wicket

What with the rain, the grass has grown a bit recently at Valence Way, but we had a crowd over there tonight with varying degrees of commitment and interest. It's difficult to get them to be competitive at batting let alone at all the skills involved especially fielding. As mentioned before even the lads at G&CCC who seem to live for cricket seem all to ready too neglect their commitment to fielding at the drop of a hat, requiring a capt to be constantly gee-ing them up and re-focussing their attention on the job at hand. Saying that even the Tilbury boys as mentioned seemed to be flagging at around the 20 overs mark. So it is a bit of a task and tonight just as most nights the boys at Valence way drifted in and out of the game at intervals to go and talk to groups of girls that seem content to come and watch from the boundary line.

A new kid turned up a friend of Andy's and he batted his way through to the highest score of the night 33. Ben (My oldest) got really frustrated by not being able to bat, especially against Andy who bowls very straight and reasonably fast. But the upshot of his frustration was that I suggested that tomorrow night instead of playing a game we'll go through some batting practice and the good thing was that Andy said he'd help Ben as well. So this looks very promising on lots of fronts.