Friday, August 15, 2008

Match in Jeopardy

Gutted - the match against the Tilbury Boys looks like it's in Jeopardy on 2 fronts.

1. The G&CCC 3rd Sunday XI requires 2 blokes still. It seems Neils exhausted all his options and asked me to try all my avenues and I contacted 15 individuals by phone, text, email and spoke to them direct and came up with nothing. There's still a couple out there that have still to respond but I'd put money on them not being able to do it.

2. Boffa's team is also in dissaray decimated by the "V" factor (Which got a load of mine) and when I spoke to him this evening he said he was still waiting for or looking for 4 blokes but seemed confident that he'd get them as after the last match he had crowds of blokes gagging to be involved this time.

What I don't get is who the **** is at V that is so special?

Muse Stereophonics The Kooks Maximo Park Alanis Morissette The Futureheads
Channel 4 Stage
Prodigy The Pigeon Detectives Newton Faulkner The Hoosiers Duffy Amy MacDonald Shed Seven
JJB Arena
Ian Brown The Pogues Jamie T The Twang Sugababes David Jordan
V Stage
The Verve Kings Of Leon Amy Winehouse Lenny Kravitz The Feeling Girls Aloud Squeeze OneRepublic
Channel 4 Stage
Kaiser Chiefs The Zutons The View Reverend And The Makers Scouting For Girls The Courteeners The Rifles
JJB Arena
The Chemical Brothers The Charlatans Hot Chip Travis robyn
Also confirmed...
Estelle Calvin Harris The Stranglers Delays Air Traffic Sam Sparro Captain The Script

Amy Winehouse and that's it? And I can see that she's not everyone's thing so what's that all about?

Anyway the situation at the minute is that I'm still waiting to see what Boffa comes up with and keeping my fingers crossed that he can get 3 blokes that'll play on our side? It gets worse - I'll be the captain! That'll be a laugh. I just hope I've got some bowlers - maybe the Wizard?

The other thing Boffa said was that - if I've drawn a blank trying to get any of the MPA blokes to play in this game that suggest that the MPA 1st XI is well and truly dead and the match in Sept is also on the rails? It's a good point as there seems to be a definite reluctance for people to pencil in Sunday 14th as a commitment, they're all kind of saying let me know nearer the date which will then convert into Sorry mate - not enough notice.

I said that I'd keep on everyone's cases up till Sept 1st and if I've not got at least 2/3rds of them confirmed I'd cancel it then. The other thing is that the longer I leave it to book the pitch the less likely we'll be in getting it.

This evenings practice

Had a half decent practice session tonight bowling a variety of balls - Gippers, Flippers, Wrong Uns and Top Spinners. All of them went really well especially the Gippers, they were turning massively and I was getting a good length and a good enough degree of accuracy. Towards the end of the practice I was also bowling flippers with a big run up and man did that make a difference in the speed. Initially they were accurate as well, but then I commited myself to trying to go even faster and then it all went to pieces. But they look promising. The thing was they were so fast they travelled further and went off the edge of the pitch into the long grass and I've lost 2 of my good white balls meaning I'll have to get the scythe out and cut back the long grass to find them.

Also noticed that the cricket boys have all dicovered golf clubs and balls and despite my requests that they don't use the 2 wickets as teeing off points some of them are ignoring this request and my wickets are covered in big gouges - gutted!