Wednesday, April 22, 2009

4 Days and counting

Whoa! A very good session with the Leg breaks! I had a day off from everything apart from exercise yesterday - 70 -80 press ups and more exercises specifically targeting the rotator cuff and shoulders. So tonight I was gagging to get out on a field and bowl. Our field was being used so I had to drive over to the Rec. Took a bucket of 36 balls and went through that 3 times, so that was the equivalent to 18 overs. I focussed primarily on the Leg break and right from the outset it came good and then continued pretty much the same through all 108 balls. Through the middle 36 I bowled some variations and then the last 36 I bowled leg breaks and every ball turned and did so in a way that I was happy with. Some of the them turned big, some turned just good/well, so this was an exceptionally good session. For the most part if I wanted them on the Leg stump that's where they were going and if they were needed on the Off stump I was able to put them there as well. All in all a very good session.

The only fly in the ointment seems to be whether I'll be selected and whether it'll rain or not as at the minute the weather is perfect, but it's scheduled to go down the pan through Saturday.