Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ups and downs.

The weather held out today and was quite sunny and pleasent all day. Once or twice during the day I've been out bowling the short distances and then this afternoon before tea I went over the the Oak Tree which is 14 yards and bowled exceptionally well with the 70% rate that I was looking for. Bouyed by this after tea I went over onto the field and set up the stumps at 15 yards - yeah I know I said I wouldn't do 15 yards for a while, but it went to well earlier on I thought I'd try it. This time I took the camera and filmed myself bowling and it wasn't that clever. I had some success maybe about 20%. So I need to go back to the 14 yards and stick with that for a while.

But when I was doing the 15 yards I could feel it coming out of the hand right when it was right, the flick is there and it's the inward flick a la' Peter Philpott that makes the difference and that combined with the ball coming off the 3rd finger with conviction and it's a lovely Leg Break. I'll work on the video tonight and upload it for comments to be made on Youtube.

With that being a bit disappointing I then tried the 14 yards at the Oak Tree and as expected that went fine with a lot more success.

Tomorrow's match

All day I've been waiting for the nod as to whether I've got a game or not and still no word as yet which is disappointing. I'll have to go through tomorrow as though I am expecting to play so that'll give Michelle the ache, in fact as I type she's asking 'Have you heard yet whether you're playing or not'?