Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Finger Blisters

Reading Peter Philpotts book again - The Art of Wrist Spin Bowling (As I do constantly) I came across a quote relating to the 3rd finger (the one that puts the rev's on the ball) and Philpott writes 'Those that haven't bled have never spun' or words to that affect. The thing is I've never even had a blister let alone a bleeding blister so the inference is that I'm doing something fundamentally wrong? Whereas with the Flipper when I was in the process of learning it caused deep blisters and callouses to the point where I had to stop bowling it and let the flesh heal up.

I asked the question on the forum I comment on and jad a few responses from the blokes saying that they suffered from blisters when bowling Leg Breaks. Additionally I used to work with a girl who used to bowl good Leg Breaks and she said that at the start of every season she would have to suffer blisters till the skin hardened up and developed callouses.

If you follow this blog or one of my others that have dealt with my problems with the Googly Syndrome and my how to bowl wrist spin blog - you'll know that I'm always changing and varying the wrist position and the grips in pursuit of the elusive 'Biggun' The Big Leg Break. Recently off the back of seeing the images several posts ago of Shane Warnes release I've kind of emphasised the contact that the 3rd finger has with the ball and brought the wrist around more so that the palm and front of the wrist faces the bat. I'm hoping that this combined with a big flick and initially bowling over a shorter distance might result in some progress with my currently weak Legbreak? But I've noticed with this new grip with the emphasis on the 3rd finger and it being a key part of the grip, there is definite potential for more finger wear and tear. So that seems to me to bode well for my spinning and that maybe at last another little piece of the jigsaw puzzle that is Legbreak bowling has slotted into place and maybe I'll be able to get more spin/turn over the next few weeks?

So what with the 2 weeks Easter break coming up starting this weekend here in the UK and some nice weather being predicted I might get myself some blisters!!! Let's hope so?