Sunday, April 05, 2009

No bowling today

Decided to give my shoulder a rest today after the sudden massive increase in bowling on Saturday. Ben and Joe had their last indoor training session today and they all played together - under 11's and over 11's mixed teams. Neither of them batted that well - Joe was the last player for his team having to face one of the better and faster bowlers and he did okay - stuck his bat in the way and scored a couple of runs. Ben had it worse he had to face the unrefuted fastest and most accurate of all the kids and he's about 13 and the ball went straight through him and took his stumps out. But both Ben and Joe bowled well. Joe bowled an over where really he might have had 2 wickets if the wicket keeper had stood up to the stumps and he only bowled 1 wide and might have had a catch if there's been a bloke at short mid wicket? Ben on the other-hand did get a wicket. His first ball was full of nerves and he forgot that he'd changed his action and messed it up bad but no runs were scored. But the next 5 were fine with some mouthy batsman being cleaned out with Ben's 3rd ball to him, the kids skulked off and at the end of Ben's over someone shouted anonymously 'S'pose you think crickets easy don't ya'? And the big kid (The batsman) approached him later and said 'You got lucky there mate'. Man - that would be a red rag to a bull for me, I'd have to practice every hour God gave me in order to show that kid that it wasn't a fluke or luck and at every opportunity I got I'd bowl against him and make him my bunny. I don't think it was luck either - Ben makes the ball swing, he's accurate and he bowls different lengths, good lengths all the way up to full tosses that hit the stumps and he's fast.

Other news

The field was used for football today and it's had no impact on the wicket because it's dry. I've fixed my mower roller and I'm ready for the next cut and I may break out the bucket instead of letting the grass lie on the wicket. I also noticed that the plantain is beginning to grow.