Friday, April 24, 2009


Back out again for an hour tonight trying to get my 'Other' Leg Break working. This is the one that I call the 'Real' Leg break because this one has a big flick. But it's the one that I can only bowl over short distances. If I stand still I can bowl it forwards over 15' or so and it turns as in Fig 1.

But as soon as I put any real effort in getting it to go 22 yards it either goes straight or turns into a wrong un. Recently I've been bowling the type in the diagram over ever increasing distances. For the last 2 weeks or so I've been bowling it over a distance of about 11 yards as much as I can. Inevitably with more flight I've lost the ridiculous angle as indicated here, but when it comes good which it increasingly does it still turns like a really good leg break far better than my Leg Break that I bowl that relies simply on the fingers alone and doesn't have the wrist flick.

So tonight just across the road at the Oak Tree I measured out 14 yards and set a beer can wide of Leg and was trying to pitch the ball on the can so that it would 'Shane Warne' into the Oak Tree. I didn't do too bad. I reckon I must have had about 30% success rate with the ball turning enough to come back into the tree - enough in fact to bowl it round someones legs. I'm fairly certain with more flight the turn will become less radical, but that remains to be seen. At the minute I'm quite happy that I've moved up to 14 yards and I'm able to turn it so much 30% of the time. It looks as though if I stick at 14 yards and get the success rate up to 75% I'll then be happy to move up to 16 yards or something. It sounds like a plan, I reckon that if I keep at this over a period of months I might have it by July?