Monday, April 20, 2009

6 Days and counting...........

Typical - I've been off for two weeks and although the weather hasn't been that bad seeing as it is only April as soon as you go back to bloody work it gets that much better - today it was a 'Shirts off day' and tomorrow it's going to be better - 21 degrees centigrade. It should be around 14 at this time of year.

No cricket tonight apart from mucking about with the Bradman bat up against the wall in between the 2 garages. I've noticed that if you leave the ball a split second longer and hit it later it stays low rather than flying off the bat at a catching height, whether my timing is sufficient that I could risk this in the nets I don't know? Another thing I noticed tonight is the application of the advice that you should watch every second of the ball from the had and focus on it totally. This sounds like something you would do naturally, and you do - but to be honest you don't to the extent that you're advised to - I've come across texts that advise total concentration 100% full focus on the ball and tonight I gave this a go and that too seemed to produce even better results with the ball coming off the middle of a 1" Bradman bat more frequently than edging it. I think it's easy to assume that you're watching the ball fully, but you don't unless you make a concerted effort to do so and this approach does seem to make a difference.

One of the blokes on the website has challenged me to stick out my time in the nets without being bowled. That'll be challenging against Wayne because he bowls sneaky straight ones. Also with the Wizard it'll be tricky too and I'm not sure what the tactic with the Wizard needs to be, but I'm hatching a plan, but it'll be tricky to stick to it I reckon.

Other than that I bought Older son 'Emo' Ben some new leg pads at a bargain price which was nice.