Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Nets tonight

It's going to be interesting to see if I can get this Leg Break to work in the nets. On the grass today it was spinning well and looking as though there was some real potential with it. If it does work the question will be what do I combine it with mostly. I'm thinking Top Spinners and the faster Wrong Un. Yesterday the last 36 balls that all went well were all pitched down the off-side aimed at the off-stump and all spinning away to slips with varying degrees of bounce. It's the bounce and the height of the bounce that is the Wizards key bowling attribute from what I can tell. It seems that his bowling becomes predictable in one sense as you know that it is more than likely going to spin away towards slips. I've noticed that the better bats then reach out for it and play the wide balls, but this strikes me as being a high risk strategy. I've been advised to sit tight and not play those balls, just let them go and then see what his strategy is. The straight ones - play them on merit but go for a soft hands defensive approach. Don't leave the crease no matter how tempting. But Legside balls will potentially be my undoing.

So if I adopt an offside strategy I can do what I did today bowl on the off-stump, but mix it up with straight Top-Spinners and then as do as I did with the last ball - The Wrong One. 35 balls that all went wide turning away towards the off-side field and the last ball comes in and takes the stumps - Love it!