Tuesday, April 07, 2009

April 7th

Here's the new practice zone which as I said is a matter of feet away from my house. We swept away the twigs from under the oak tree and cut the grass as you can see and gave it a go and it's okay, probably more uneven than the football pitch but not as lumpy. The good thing about it is the close proximity of the bushes on one side and the road the other. I've devised a game where if they keep it off the road and bushes and drive it past the stump at the other end they get 2 points, 4 points past a bush just out of site on the RH side as you look down the wicket and 20 points if they hit it past the lamp post visible in the landscape format image. Anything in the bushes or road loses points. So hopefully this will encourage them to drive forwards with the ball?
I was contemplating buying some timber and some nets so that we can set a net up here, but I'm unsure about the amount of use we'd get out of it and might leave it for a while and see how they get on. I'm not sure if they're enthusiastic enough to spend 20 minutes putting up a net and then committing themselves to spending 2 hours bowling and batting to justify the effort of getting the net up?
Bowling; I haven't been bowling much because of a general aches and pains issue, but more than that because of the Flipper frenzy that I've had over the last couple of days bowling 3 different variations of the Flipper my thumb is beginning to suffer, so I'm easing up on the thumb as well as it's sore.