Monday, April 13, 2009

Weather's rubbish

We're having crap weather at the moment here in the UK as per usual for our holidays. Slightly better towards the end of today but no where near dry enough to go and mow the wicket. The football pitch was cut last week at some point and the wicket because it's not been cut has merged once again with the outfield which at the minute it nice and short. So hopefully with the temperature predicted to be 18 degrees centigrade tomorrow I'll be able to cut both the wickets. The estate kids today approached me twice during the day asking if I was up for a game, but because of the wet conditions I declined and said we'd play tomorrow, interestingly there were another 4 new faces and all slightly older, whether they'll engage with the game I don'ty know, but the way it's looking we might be getting enough kids interested that teams might be an option and play 15 over games or something? We'll have to see how it progresses.

Been sticking with the practice with the Skinny Bats and that seems to be coming along okay, the test as to whether it makes any difference or not will be Thursday in the nets.