Monday, July 06, 2009

All at sea

So, where am I now and where do I go from here? I'm suddenly in a situation where I'm no longer chasing after something that reqires a lot of intensive work and almost seems unobtainable. Sunday afternoon I threw 10-12 overs worth of balls with a 95% success rate as to where I wanted them e.g. on or around the Off-stump. To me it seems the thing that I now need to learn is the ability to recognise the weaknesses in the batsman's game in order to exploit that. I think I'm beginning to get it, but I've now become embroiled in the concept of maintaining my figures and therefore suddenly aware of the fact that I shouldn't concede runs. One of the Aussie blokes on a forum I contribute to made this point though.....

Mate, you are way ahead on those figures even without seeing the number of overs bowled. If you kept that up you could end up playing for Essex! I wouldn't worry about runs per over, you have to get the other b*******s out and back in the f****ing sheds. That is how you keep the runs down and win games.Who wants to play or watch cricket when the scoring rate is below 4 runs an over?

Which I reckon is a pretty sound philosophy for your game and is probably the approach I was taking before I became aware of my stats, so I reckon I'll ignore all the numbers and go for a getting he B******s back in the F*****g sheds approach. So cheers Macca for setting me back on the path. I think without Macca's words of wisdom I may have changed the way I bowl and gone for a more cautious approach.

But back to my main point - what do I work on now? If it wasn't for the Medial Epicondylitis situation I'd be working to get the big leg break going with the really big flick of the wrist, but that'll only exacerbate the injury so I've got to hold fire with the Biggun. I could work on the subtle nuances that are attributed to the ball sitting in different positions in your hand, some of which seem to produce increased dip and bounce, so are erring towards primarily being Top-Spinners with a bit of a break. One thing that is missing which I don't recognise in my bowling is 'Drift' now that may be because the ball isn't spinning at 90 degrees to the angle of flight which I reckon I'd get if I was able to bowl the Biggun, but that's something that I may have to leave until the season finishes and my arm is able to fix itself through resting? But till then what do I do. I'm going to look up Drift and see what I need to be doing?