Sunday, July 05, 2009

We've been rumbled!

I got back from Joe and Ben's match today and had lunch after lunch I decided to go and have a look at how our private wicket was doing as I cut it last night and wanted to have a look at how the grass was doing in the recent hot sun. Recently I've been cutting it letting the cuttings fall on to the sward. I've also dropped the cut of the blade and was slightly concerned that I may have cut more than 1/3 off the length of the blades of grass which weakens the grass and impedes it's growth, so I felt an inspection was due (Plus I fancied a practice later on).

As I approached I heard voices on the field kids laughing - which isn't unusual as loads of kids play football on there, but as I came through the bushes I could see that it was a bloke and a little kid with a set of plastic stumps playing cricket.So I was chuffed to see someone else using the wicket for cricket, so I went over and introduced myself. The blokes name was Ian and the little boy looked familiar. The bloke explained that he lived in the flats just across the way that over-looked the pitch and then he went on to explain that he used to live on the estate and that he used play on this field when he was a kid. Then he said that the kids Dad was a player in B&PCC and then I looked at the kid again and realised it was Travis one of the younger under 11's that practices with Joe and Ben on Monday nights. Which means we've affectively been rumbled someone else knows where our secret wicket is - luckily he's only about 6 and he may not be any good at directions!!!

I went back to the house and told Joe that Travis was on the field playing cricket and he came over, one thing lead to another and we ended with real stumps, a better ball and some proper bats and had a game with Travis his Mum and the bloke Ian.

Later I went over on my own and threw 12 overs worth of balls and that went exceptionally well, I'm gutted that I didn't get to bowl yesterday or today as I'm still on form. Ben and Joe went over with me again in the evening and they had a practice. Joe kept hitting the stumps but Ben is ill at the moment so he was unsucessful in that dept. Joe though has developed a far more round armed technique and I don't know whether that's a good thing or not as he's mixing his wrist spinners grip with a seam up grip. I'll see what happens tomorrow night at the coaching session, but the fact is he's pretty fast and obviously accurate if he has a warm up practice.

Ben and Joe help with the tripod used in conjunction with my video analysis of my bowling.