Saturday, July 18, 2009

G&CCC v Stanford Le Hope

Blimey looks like they're expecting some serious stuff at this game or they're looking to get the game over in a few minutes as they've pulled out the stops on the wrist spin front for this match they've got The Wizard, Me and the legend that is - Callum Sellars, while I was having my run of 4 wicket bags he was getting 5's for a handful of runs in his matches, he was in one match where they bowled the side out for 29 or something stupid and he took 5 for 8 or something. Nick Buckley seems to be in the match which is news as I'd heard that he'd blown it all out and wouldn't ever play again? I think W Engwell is Wozza? but I don't know Liam Gant or B. Gargan are and there's no info with regards whether they bowl or not. Looking at the stats there's no evidence that Billy Gargan does anything yet so it looks as though he's a colt or new? Mark O'Neil is an exceptionally good batsman so along with Matt we've got a couple of good bats. Actually - Mark O'Neil is that Cat?

Matt Hills (47 - 2 - 239 - 15)
Mark O'Neil - Serious Batsman.
Nick Buckley?
Liam Gant
'Swiss' Danny Groves
W Engwell (76 - 11 - 320 - 12)
The Legendary Callum Sellars!!!! (85.2 - 7 - 402 - 25)
J Warren
Alex 'Wizard' McLellan (53.7 - 2 - 333 - 9)
Billy Gargan
Dave Thompson (32.2 - 6 - 133 - 14)

The practice sessions today went well, couldn't get my leg breaks to turn much in comparison to the Wrong Uns, but they were incredibly accurate and turned a bit, so I'm hopeful about the outcome tomorrow. With the success over the week with the Wrong Un's I'm far better prepared for the Lefties so if they pull out there Lefties - Bring em on! The weather's been good today windy and sunny so that would have helped to dry out the wicket and tomorrow is predicted to be similar. So it's all systems go!