Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Promoted to the League Saturday 4th XI!

It looks like I've been promoted, I'm playing in one of the league teams this Saturday albeit the 4th XI. It's with a bunch of blokes I've never even heard of let alone played alongside and as yet I can't figure out who the captain is. My mate 'The Wizard's' in the team so that'll be good to go head to head with him. So tonight for the first time in weeks I had a proper work out with the ball on my private wicket. Temporarily I've lost the Biggun but my standard Leg Breaks still there and it's nice and accurate. I bowled a handful of 'Flickers' and they came good and looked like they had swing but this time they were spinning away to the off-side like leg-breaks so there's obviously some subtle variation in the way that I'm releasing the ball. The other thing with the 'Flicker' is that as expected there did seem to be some dramatic dip, but how much it rushes on I'm not sure, but the good thing is that I was bowling them with a great deal of ease and they were accurate with regards the line and length - it looks like a good ball.

My bog standard Flippers were swinging ludicrusly and I was having to aim them 2' - 2.5' wide of the off stump in order that they swung in and hit the stumps, but this isn't something I've been able to do in a real game with a newish ball and I suspect it has something to do also with the atmospherics as well? As for the Wrong Un - My God was they coming out good. I only bowled a couple with big loopy flight with vicious dip but the coming in across the stumps in an amazing manner. So all in all a very promising practice session and the arm has held up okay with no soreness and that was a session where I must have bowled the equivalent of about 21 - 23 overs?

So if I can keep up this kind of accuracy and control of my variations I should do okay in the League match on Saturday, the only thing is I don't know who the Captain is and he doesn't know me so I may not even get to bowl?