Monday, July 06, 2009

Fingers crossed for Runwell Commoners game

I'm not a watcher of film or tele, but someone at work (Dan Bailey) recommended this film 'I know how many runs you scored last summer' a slasher/horror/cricket film from Australia reading the synopsis review on IMDB it sounds like it's worth a look (If you're over 18)

Here's a trailer -

Runwell Commoner match

I've just checked to see who the Sunday 2nd XI are playing this week and it looks like Runwell Commoners, so hopefully I'll get a game in the team that play them as I've really enjoyed the games against them and I love the venue. It's another one of the Basildon Council pitches which are so well looked after and this one is situated in a park in Billericay, a town of dubious political leanings where the Conservative MP saw fit to remove the Elizabethan windows of her Grade 1or 2 listed house so that she could have some double glazing fitted. It could only happen in South Essex! The pitch looks like an old pitch circled for the most part with large mature trees, the only things missing are the adjacent pub, church and a pavillion/clubhouse. The other thing is the wicket has offered some turn and we're talking last year when my bowling was a not of the standard that it currently is.

Having said that my arm is a bit saw today right on the very tip of the elbow, so I'll ease up with the practice again this week and try and resist the temptation to bowl tonight at Ben and Joe's training session. Ben was still ill this morning with this headache that he seems to have constantly for the last couple of days, initially it looked as though he might not be going into school this morning but after some medicine he recovered a bit, got up and said he would go into school. So again tonight he may not be up to much at training?


Ben deteriorated during the day and was taken to the doctors for an emergency appointment after coming home from school with a severe headache. I came home from work early in the sunshine intending to get to the pitch earlyish with just Joe. As the train headed west back towards Southend the weather got worse and by the time I'd reached the doctors it was spitting. Ben's got a virus that manifests itself with cold symptoms and severe headaches which last the best part of 3 days, so hopefully he'll have it tomorrow and then it'll clear up? In the meantime it rained so the training session was called off with Reg ringing round and letting everyone know. Interestingly there was a documentary on channel 5 that would have clashed with the training session, so that was conveniant!

I've ordered the DVD from a video club that we subscribe to, so that'll be something to look forward to.