Thursday, July 09, 2009

Runwell Commoners cc v Grays & Chadwell cc

I had a broken up phone call from Matt which sounded as though I'm in the game with Runwell Commoners on Sunday so I'll drive straight there as the match is at Lake Meadows in Billericay just up the road. That works out well as Joe and Ben are at home to Hornchurch in the morning. I keep checking the club website to see who's in the team but last time I had a look it still hadn't been updated I'll have another look in a minute.

Still practicing and looking at the subtleties of the wrist position in relation to the amount of spin that's generated. My elbow has been pretty good recently so I'm bowling with the big flick and looking at the possibility of pitching the ball leg-side and getting it to go round the legs from a very wide position. What I may do is start practicing with an obstacle to represent the batsman in front of the stumps. What I have noticed is that in order to get the ball to do this it requires the inward spinning ball technique which is difficult and at the minute inconsistent, but when it pitches the deviation off the expected line is very good. As with all this Wrist Spin lark it is just a case of total concentration, experimentation and hard work.

I was also bowling the Wrong Wrong Un today, the off-break Flipper and Grimmetts inward spinning Top-Spinner which are all Flipper variations and these were all coming out pretty good, so I'm still probably in fairly good form.

Just had one more final look at the G&CCC website and the teams are still not posted.

One final thing the repairs to the wicket have all been dug up again by bloody foxes, so I'll have another look at that tomorrow and do repairs again last thing as it'll rain on Saturday they reckon and the rain will hep fix the repairs.