Friday, July 03, 2009

PMT - Pre match tension

Whoa Up looks like I'm in trouble! Michelle's out Saturday night and I've swapped cricket days and wont be due back till 8pm - ish on that night when she want's to get away by 6.30. But I think I have a plan - she drops Ben and Joe off on the way through to London, hopefully there'll only be three of them in the car or something?

Other than that another good cricket weekend ahead and one that's broken up and so not completely taking up one whole day which in part is what gives Michelle the ache. So I'm at home on Saturday needing to be there at 12.00 for some reason rather than the usual 1pm - hopefully this means that they play 50 overs or something hence the extra hour? Don't know who the blokes are on the team sheet, the only one I know is Alex McLellan one of the other wrist spinners, so I've no idea who the captain is going to be. At the back of my mind now though after seeing all the stats in last nights blog is the fact that I'm up there with the best of them stats-wise with regards my bowling figures. This now means; 1. They've promoted me as such as I'm now playing in a League match and; 2. I now want to maintain my bowling figures and improve on some of them! But I'm worried that if I focus on that too much I'm putting uneccessary pressure on myself and that may affect my bowling? I'll just have to see how it goes.

Sunday will be interesting as Ben and Joe's team Basildon & Pitsea CC are set to play my team Grays & Chadwell CC at their home ground Mopsies Park in Basildon. I've tried to get them to practice a bit over the last couple of days but they've not been up for it as it's been so hot and they've had knackering days at school in the heat. It's rained over night and the temp has dropped to 25-26 degrees centigrade so they might have a practice tonight as they've said they would. The only thing with that though is that the weather is set to change at the weekend and it may even rain, so fingers crossed that both the matches miss the rain or are not affected by it if there is any.

I've recently cut the grass on my practice wicket using the lowest blade setting to date and it's looking pretty good. For some reason there's football still being played over there, but the upside to that is the outfield is being kept fairly short and so far the wicket because of how dry it is hasn't sustained any damage. A bloke down my road last night has said that he might join us on the field tonight and have a go at bowling - he's never played cricket in his life, so this'll be interesting.


I've just had a look at the players profiles on the website and that's not thrown up any clues as to who I'm playing alongside this Saturday and looking at their bowling and batting stats it looks like it's going to be down to me and the Wizard to win the game with some deft bowling. As I don't know these blokes and some of their names are not even listed on the players profiles I'm having to assume that some of them are new and maybe unknown entities and therefore quite good players. But looking at the stats that are available it now looks like I might be on for another bag of wickets if their players have been matched with our players? The best bowler is G.Scott who's bowled 2 overs has an average of 15, RPO of 7.50, SR of 12.00 and his best bowling figures are 1 for 15 runs. So the pressue is off I reckon and this now sounds like it's going to be fun.

Off the back of that I then started to look at everyone's bowling stats and using the sort filter in excel and came across some surprising stuff. At the minute statistically I really am up there amongst the top flight bowlers and I've still got several games in hand before the season ends to try and improve on some of the stats.

Update 21.30hrs

Just back from The Rec with Joe, Ben and Michelle who joined in. Michelle admitted that she gets all anxious for Ben and Joe when they go out into the middle to do their stuff and she's excited for them to do well, which is good, shame she don't give a **** about me though otherwise she might really enjoy it? Anyway - had a bit of a chuck around. Ben bowled me twice in one over and Joe was too tired to bowl at the end of a long week, but he bowled a bit and his flight and line were good. My bowling was spot on with line and length so I'm hopeful for tomorrow and hope to come across different batting techniques and the conundrum of 'getting the B******s back to the sheds' as my mate Macca says. Weathers looking good and I'm well up for it.