Saturday, July 18, 2009

New wicket news

The rain has stopped and the sun has been out and the earth is nice and damp so I've been out with the roller and the mower and cut the new wicket for the first time and I've got more of a sense of how rough it is now and the work that needs to be done on it. There's still some levelling to be done and some obvious weeding that I can get on with in the short term.

Me and Ben set up the stumps and Ben bowled a few balls at me on the new wicket and it wasn't too bad considering how rough it is still. Generally the balls kept pretty much there line, but it was just good that Ben had a bowl and seemed to be enjoying it. Joe wouldn't be tempted at all so I just left him to it.

Managed to have 2 stints myself bowing mostly my Leg Breaks and the odd Wrong here and there, the Wrong Uns I can produce the big flick with and they turn really well on a consistent basis. My line and length is slightly wayward but I reckon if I keep chucking them up there on a regular basis and bowl 3 for every 12 balls I'll get the consistency I desire and I can already see improvements and I'm optimistic about getting it together pretty quickly.