Tuesday, September 07, 2010

General stuff

Tonight looking around the Internet I came across this video on youtube which is quite useful. Some people say that they find it difficult to get through it because of the regional accent, but generally that aside it's pretty good. Who these blokes are I'm not sure and they're almost certainly enthusiastic club players, but they've got access to some pretty good video equipment and editing software and I've contacted them asking them to do more on other technical aspects of Leg Spin bowling so fingers crossed they may be able to put something together looking at the intricacies of the 'Explosion through the crease' rotation, leading arm, follow through and some drills?


Paddock update

Not too much on this as it is probably exceedingly boring watching grass grow on a blog! But it rained a fair bit today and this evening with the wicket soaked I seeded the bowling end for the 1st time and top-dressed it, so give it 3 weeks and we should have a near perfect strip?

Fun Day at B&PCC

I've not written about this yet, primarily because of the restrictions with regards up-loading pictures of the event as it kind of needs images to kind of help with telling the story.
Here's one I can use Neil and G-Man the coaches at B&PCC.

It happened on Bank Holiday Monday and preceeding the day the weather screwed up and it looked as though as with the Sunday the weather might intervene and mess everything up. The day before I'd driven to Chelmsford and we'd played 10 overs in a force 7 gale in cloudy bright conditions, but all around us there'd been ominous looking clouds and we weren't surprised when it did rain and the match had to be called off. We all waited around for a fair bit of time to see whether the wicket would drain, but what with it being rolled and compressed everywhere else but the wicket drained off and was okay, but the wicket was a puddle and we had to give up. We had our tea though which was a bonus and very nice it was too.

So with Sunday on our minds waking up to a similar looking day with the wind still very blustery and quite cold at 09.00hrs when I first ventured out, things didn't look too promising. We all headed out looking to arrive slightly earlier than the suggested 10.00 hrs. The organisers (see image above) G-Man (on right) had been there since 06.00 hrs or something getting ready. A few boys were there and it was straight into some cricket and from then on in for me at least it was cricket fun for the rest of the day!

They made up an extra wicket the day before by rolling the outfileld and made two small pitches, so at any one time there was usually 2 games going on, boys in the nets and mini-set ups around the edges of the main pitch. The weather held off and as the day went on the wind eased up and it got warmer.

For Ben and Joe what with having some of their non-cricketing mates there, a whole day of it was a bit too much and unlike me they stopped to eat food whereas I just kept going!

It was good to see old geezers who obviously had played years ago have a bowl and take loads of wickets, I didn't do too well, but took a couple. One of the highlights of the day for me was the Lads and Dads match where they put them together to play on the same side and I ended up batting with Ben facing Harry's Dad and one of the Sunday seamers 'Sam'. We faced 2 overs and we both batted properly!!! Most of our balls went back past the bowler through the V and we both got a thin edge on one getting the ball past the slips. Both of us hit a couple of 4's! (I bat at No.11 remember - I am dog crap useless at batting). So to hit the ball so well in a partnership with one of my sons was brilliant!

To be continued..........