Monday, September 13, 2010

World domination

A few days ago a bloke who is integral to one of the biggest if not the biggest and most subscribed to cricket forum in the word asked me to write a few short articles on Wrist Spin Bowling to use on his own spin-off (Excuse the pun) website and I obliged. Today the first of the three articles was published and this has gone live on his website and in return in the spirit of blogging and forums he's linked the article to one of my other blogs and credited me for the article etc.

This prompted me to have a look in Google to see where my blogs come if you do a search looking for leg spin bowling and sure enough there you go one of my blogs comes up in first place in a Google search!
Kind of ironic though that it's this one as it's an old defunct blog, but I think it gets found a lot easier than my main one because of it's name?

But this demonstrates to some extent how small a community the on-line Wrist Spin Bowlers are. No doubt there'll be loads of people out there, that haven't got the time or inclination to write blogs or sit for hours writing to people you'll never see in India, Australia and the USA and they probably bowl their stuff exceptionally well, keeping it simple with a couple of variations and never getting to pass on their wisdom and techniques. Me... I have to write and learn and I love doing it as you can probably tell by the amount of stuff I post up here and elsewhere. But it just goes to show that with a little effort you can single handedly give the likes of Peter Philpott, Terry Jenner and Clarrie Grimmett a run for their money in the 'Passing on the knowledge' stakes.

Someone said to me recently joking 'Here he comes, the worlds best wrist spinner'. Yeah that aint ever going to be the case! But we may be living with the privelage of having lived at a time when the man that does carry that title lived and entertained us. In a million years even if I was 40 years younger and as obsessed as I am, I don't think I could bowl anywhere near the level that Warne has, but I might it seems be moving towards being the worlds best blogger on wrist spin?

So cheers to Scott on for allowing me to write the article and link my blog.