Thursday, September 09, 2010

Leg Spin bowling drills

Leg spin bowling drills are few and far between and it seems there's very few people that are prepared to put their hand up and say that they're Wrist Spinners and that they're prepared to show you what it's all about and give you some coaching. The people that I've come across have been general coaches that have actually been along to one of the yearly Terry Jenner clinics here in the UK and have picked up some pointers there.

Till recently there was a video clip of the Aussie Beau Casson on Youtube going through some Wrist Spinner drills and as far as I was concerned this was probably the best thing of it's kind on you tube. Currently on youtube there's a growing resource coming out of India called Questions Cricket but like me they're just club cricketers, so what they do and say is not backed up by any professional endorsement or acclaim. Increasingly there seems to be some pretty persistent websites that purport to give away all the secrets of wrist spin for a fee and the accompanying text that helps to promote their wares has a very familair ring about it? If you research the background of these seemingly professional products you draw a blank and it just looks like an outfit that is doing something very similar to what I'm doing but possibly packaging it slightly differently and promoting it in a more professional manner and asking for a fee for it. It would be very interesting to hear from anyone that has parted with their cash for these products and get a sense of what it is they're selling.

Anyway back to the Beau Casson video. This too was linked to an outfit which in this case was easily varified as being backed up and supported by 1st class cricketers and their operation was a money making venture too. But clearly with the product including Beau Casson and David Freedman in the tutorials and video footage, you knew that you were about to part with your money for something worthy. The clip which has now been removed demo'd what you'd be getting for your money and was 9 minutes long, but the demo's were unique on the internet and were obviously proper drills being executed by an Aussie international Wrist Spin bowler so were validated as being sound.

I can't claim that what I do is sound and my videos ask for feed back if you're in the position of being able to pass comment on what I'm doing. So if these are fundamentally flawed get back to me via the youtube comments and tell me why?

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