Monday, September 06, 2010

Rain at last

Rain at Last

More maintenance work in the paddock

Last night having mowed the wicket in the paddock I then went in and saw that the weather predictions had changed and it looked as though today there'd be some rain. So before going to work I went over and had a bit of a rake around and brushed the seeds back into the area at the batting end.

During the afternoon there was a little light rain, but not really enough to really get things going by my reckoning, but again an update on the weather report suggested that over night there'd be a lot more persistent. So I went over this evening and did some remedial work at the bowling end try to rake out the lumps and get that a lot more even and I also top dressed the batting end making sure that the majority of the seed that is down was covered. This layer of light top dressing was made up of primarily propriety compost and kitchen waster compost.
The bowling end (above) will have to go without seed for a while till I get some more in, but if the weather looks to continue in this rainy and warm manner I reckon that'll be sooner rather than later as it's a perfect opportunity to get some grass established at this end as well.