Thursday, September 23, 2010


Had another go at looking at producing a bunch of drills, went out and threw some balls around but kind of needed my kids to be the directors and they weren't interested, so I had to do it on my own. Just looking back through the clips, I wont be using any of them but I was watching the videos side by side with clips from Warne at the IPL. I noticed that the balls that turned the most appeared to be those that were from the bowling where, I seemed to have a longer stride off the back foot. In this sequence clip here you can see that my foot at this point in the delivery isn't quite on the ground. I'm not really one to go modelling myself on other peoples actions, but I've had other people talk about Warnes stride and his foot position at the point where he pushes off into his delivery stride. To look at it at properly I need to shoot some footage from this side as I bowl, so I'll look to some more this coming weekend. But I may try lengthening the stride to see if it has any beneficial outcome?

Warne - big stride, foot side ways to the direction of his movement and a straight body psoition.

Parts of it have vague similarities, but this clip here is the delivery that turned the most and it's the one that may have had Warnesque attributes - longer stride and possibly a more upright body position?