Wednesday, May 14, 2008

End of the weather

Here in the UK we've just had a run of about 10 days where the weather has been amazing. Back to back blue skies and as hot as 28 degrees centigrade which is 10 degrees or more warmer than the average for early May. It's not unknown to have 2' of snow and be sub zero as late as April 20th (see weather stats for SE England Aprill1993) so this weather has been most welcome! Needless to say we'll be probably looking at droughts later in the year if it keeps up and already the Met Office has been suggesting we're on track for the warmest May on record and now doubt warnings of global warming and global melt down.

But tonight there's a low moving in over France which is currently over the Channel and tomorrow we'll have some serious rain. Walking home from work tonight I noticed that my practice wicket on "Local Field" was looking a bit grassy and needing a trim and was unable to get over there earlier to cut it. What with the rain the growth will be accelerated and I might lose control of the grass length and have to resort to cutting the bloody thing again with hand shears! so just now at 10.45 at night I've just gone over there with my mower and mowed it in the dark ready for the deluge!

I went over to "5 Tree field" where I practiced in the early part of spring and at the end of the winter. The grass is pretty long and there's no evidence of the Asian blokes having been playing over there. Last year at this time I'm pretty certain they were over there almost every night. It'd be nice to have a practice wicket over there as well just on the off chance that I could encourage them as I'd planned to get involved with playing with cricket balls, but it's just too much what with my real team and all the practice I need to do on getting my Leg Break fully sussed. But I am tempted.