Saturday, May 31, 2008

Another day a better practice.

What makes that happen? yesterday my bowling was appalling and today it was a lot better - not brilliant but okay in comparison with yesterday.

The weather forecast today was sunny and warm or at least warm and no rain. I'd got text last night from my captain saying that the game wasn't going to happen (Or did he read the blog and think - strewth Dave's bowling crap - I'll tell him the games off) so no cricket this weekend which pleased Michelle. I noticed that my backyard was really overgrown because of the recent rain so I got the shears out and cut it. Having cut the bulk of it short with the shears I then got the mower out and gave it a going over with that and it ended up looking really nice. I then got the bug so me and Ben went over to "Local Field" and cut the wicket which also was on the verge of getting unmanagable again and I knew that there was more rain on the way - scheduled for Monday so it needed to be done.

Despite cutting the wicket I didn't bowl on it and bided my time till the evening and went over to Gloucester Park and had an hour on the artificial strip. It wasn't brilliant but it got better towards the end. In the last 15 minutes or so I was bowling "The Gipper" spinning from Leg to Off and the new Doosra's which went the other way and I was bowling them alternately trying to pitch them in front of the stumps. Generally it went okay and seemed to be improving as I was going along.

So overall because of the relatively big improvement over yesterday I was quite happy. I tried some Leg Breaks and they spun a little and were quite accurate so that was okay too.