Monday, May 26, 2008


Sunday it pretty much rained all day and today it has rained all day with occassional 10 minute lapse. So - no cricket. Watched the highlights of the NZ v England match on channel 5 and we won quite comprehensively despite a ropey start. Monty Panesar did well yesterday taking 6 wickets and Andrew Strauss scored a century today ensuring we won. Commenting on real cricket's not my forte so I'll leave that for all the other blogs and websites and concentrate on the more down to earth world of club cricket and obsession.

I've been contributing to a Leg Spin thread on and in just under 6 months it's been viewed 10,000 times and it's had more than 700 posts on it - most of which were mine. I've just started a new one as they've shut the old one down and it's at;new the old thread was by a long way the most popular thread on the site both by contributions and viewing. Looking around (Albeit quite quickly) I've not seen any other forums with anywhere near as many contributions on the same subject so it's a little sad to see it go. But I'm hoping and expecting the new one to be just as popular if not more so. In fact the website admin blokes are looking to try and get someone who's a pro Leg spinner to make some kind of contribution to the thread as it is so popular - so let's hope that comes off?