Sunday, May 04, 2008

Gloucester Park Blokes

It looks increasingly like the idea of getting the Gloucester Park blokes organised into a team is likely to fall by the wayside. I haven't been over there for weeks and what with now in the process of preparing the football pitch practice wicket the need to go over there diminishes further still. Thomas has other interests such as cycling and the time he has for cricket is very limited. Without Alex and Badger who are still on their world tours, the rest of the MPA blokes don't seem ready to be involved in just groups of 2 or 3 of us. There's the promise of a game or two with our college sports dept against other colleges so time for propogating the Gloucester Park idea seems to virtually minimal. Sitting here now with the prospect of a days practicing tomorrow - the question is where? More than likely I'd more inclined to go to GBOS because I am allowed to mow that with impunity as the Council have sanctioned it. There's no trees in the way and it has loads of people passing by who may join in - especially Suhail. If Suhail was to be a more frequent visitor to any of the practice sites he has loads of people that he can bring to the game including the Gloucester Park crew, so it makes sense to practice at GBOS. It's also go free parking.

If the blokes at Gloucester Park do play cricket I could just invite them to a game against G&CCC? But the idea of getting involved with them on their turf just sounds like too much aggro.