Thursday, May 01, 2008


Looks like I may get allocated a nickname by my team captain!

A nickname that'll be funny - that's a real Grays and Tilbury thing. Coming from Tilbury everyone had nicknames and I'm always surprised when you go elsewhere - even as close as Romford and Southend people get the ache when you give them nicknames and suggest you're being offensive. There was a bloke who turned up at work with black hair with a white band bleached into it going from front to back.......

- it was obvious he was going to be called Badger - who the hell was going to call him by his real name when he looked like this and no-one could remember his real name! So from day one I was referring to the bloke as "That badger Bloke" everyone knew who I was on about, yet initially they kept saying "You can't call him that"! By the time the bloke left everyone knew him as Badger and were buying him badger badges and he had pictures on the wall of badgers and all sorts and no-one knew his real name. Yeah - so let's have a nickname! God knows what he'll come up with - but being from Grays I'm sure it'll be half decent and if it's not too bad I'll have to live with it!

Other good news in the email was the fact that as of May 9th G&CCC will be having Friday evening practice sessions from 6pm so hopefully I'll be able to get out there most Fridays and have some practice for a couple of hours and learn some stuff. "Sammers" as he's known is going to hopefully show/explain to me some of the rationale behind his fielding positioning when I bowl so that it makes more sense to me and perhaps I'll be able to bowl slightly more with a tactic? I'm also going to go over some catching with him with regards having the ball come straight back at you when you're bowling, all good stuff and hopefully up my game a bit?