Friday, May 02, 2008

More nonsense

I had a look at the field just across the way from me, it's so close that if I'm over there with the kids my wife whistles when she wants us to come back and have dinner etc. It's a football field and it get pretty waterlogged in the winter so when they do play on it - it gets churned up. Not last winter but the one before I tried rolling a wicket with a little roller and it worked to some extent and then during the summer I used to mow it with a rotary mower. It then served as a half decent patch of grass to have a knock about with my kids on and for bowling practice.

I had no intention of doing the same thing again this year, but the groundsman has just cut it today and he's cut it pretty short and I'm tempted to keep it short again for the summer - it's just that I kind of feel like the local mental case going over there with my mower and mowing it! It's not too bad as the whole field is pretty secluded with trees right round it almost and no-one ever uses it in the summer apart from a boxing club who have their gym on the site in the corner.

Over to one side there's a new estate just behind the trees and today what with the gate being open so that the groundsman could get in and mow it I noticed that there was Tarmac roller just outside the gate - you know one of those double types like this -

I walked past it and thought it would take 15 minutes to get that in there roll a wicket and get out again. All I need to do is buy the bloke with the roller a drink and persuade the groundsman to let him in there and do it!

So close and yet so far, but I was on my way to work and I can't imagine the groundsman would be up for it.