Thursday, May 01, 2008

Wednesday training

Didn't happen today. As I got off the train to walk the few hundred yards home it was apparent that it had just poured down in the last few minutes with standing water everywhere. Puddles and trees dripping from the deluge. I've still got this cold so I feel like crap, but on a more positive front the legs feel okay having eventually recovered and the thumb feels marginally better but still a long way off from being able to bowl flippers.

I don't know about anyone else but if you've got a cold I find the last thing I should do is physically exert yourself as it just decends into a much worse cold? So all things combined and the fact that we've got an OFSTED inspection at work in couple of Mondays and we're all stressed out at work the only good thing I was good for was going to bed for a couple of hours. In fact last night I was in bed by 8pm I was so knackered.

So hopefully if I rest - by Sunday week I'll be ready for action again, thumb included?

I had a look through our Cricket Annual Dance images to see if there was any pictures of the team but there wasn't any there that did the blokes justice, so I've left that as an idea. I'll just have to remember to take the camera to the next match or the Practice next Friday and get some shots including the ground with the flats in the background!