Friday, May 02, 2008


Picked up a ball today for the first time and threw it around trying to fathom sliders and different ways that might be bowled, but my thumb is still bruised internally and I can't use it properly so I need more time for it to heal. I was looking again at the Knuckle ball and how that might work in amongst Leg Spin variations. I'm not so sure because cricket ball have the circular seam and baseballs have the looping S shape seams and it's the shape of the seam that makes the ball spiral as it flies through the air and drift weirdly, so a straight ball with no spin in any direction with a cricket ball may be utterly redundant unless of course there is some unexpected ball/airflow impact. Once my hand gets better I'll spend a bit of time looking at both these. It's interesting that slight variations in conventional grips do have potential to change the way the ball reacts in flight and also if a batsman is trying to pick a ball - how might that unsettle him if he sees something that he's not used to? Do they really concentrate that hard on trying to pick the ball?