Monday, March 30, 2009

Cricket at School - Ben

Ben came home from school today and they'd been playing cricket in sports, he'd taken 6 wickets and had been told to declare when he was batting because none of the other kids were able to bowl him out which he was a bit miffed about. I asked him about his bowling - had he used the new 'Off the left foot approach' or had he reverted back to his old approach off the wrong foot and he admitted to reverting back to his old technique but saying "But the teacher said that I was bowling too fast when I was bowling the new way and the only way I could bowl slower was to use the old technique". Hmmm - I don't know what to think about that as an excuse, but I'll live with it in the short term. We'll see how he does over the coming weeks with the new off the left foot technique?

Field news.

Came across the field tonight on the way home and it's looking a bit damp still. The weather today was nice - sunny all day and fairly warm, but Monday nights the boxing club is on site using the buildings at the edge of the field. Additionally Ben goes Karate on Mondays with a 6pm start, but I think that is all about to change. One of my wifes friends has a son who's Joe's age (7) and both his Grandad and Uncle were big cricket players in thier time and she wants the kid to play cricket. It seems she rang the Basildon club and asked them if he could turn up at the training sessions. One thing that came out of the phone call was that the training is due to go from being indoors to outside in the next couple of weeks and all the Under 11's will be training outside at Mopsies park on Monday nights. Which means Ben will have to forfeit his Karate on Monday night and change it to Saturday morning. So that's good news I'm gald that they've gone to that option.

I'm just wondering how the Coaches will deal with this new kid because it seems to me that they stick to a schedule and already differentiate across the kids as it is and if a completely new kid was to join in it would possibly cause problems? They seem to have a definite strategy of taking on new kids in the Autumn off the back of taster sessions in the Mid to late summer getting the kids ready for the season in the next couple of weeks. I reckon the kid would probably be better off joining us on the field over this summer seeing if he likes it and then progressing from there? So I've said to my wife get the kid to join with our games on the field - I don't even mind going and getting the kid and taking him back home if he's up for it.