Thursday, January 04, 2007

2nd Hour training strategy 6th Jan

For the 2nd hour some people have suggested we have a game of some sort. Having given some thought to this I've come up with this idea....
The length of the sports hall is such that we can bowl full length and have a wicket keeper. Again it's going to be tight for space and if all 12 people turn up as indicated by those that have shown an interest there's going to have to be some kind of format to playing. So this is my suggestion. Instead of aiming to whack the ball as hard as physically possible all the time, perhaps we should aim to put the ball in specific areas simulating trying to play it between fielders (I might be ambitious in these suggestions). The idea being if you can hit the ball not beyond point B and at the floor as you do so (Denying any catching opportunities you score 6. If you hit the ball between zones A & B that's a 4 and anywhere between A & C you only get 1 and bewteen the two 'C' markers 2 points.

That means 3 people will be occupied with Batting, bowling and Wicket keeping with the others in slips positions or other fielding positions?

Again we'll do this in Quick cricket style e.g. the batsman is only in for an over and the aim is to get as many points in your over. If you get bowled, caught or stumped etc you lose 6 points? Personally I think we should try and use the real ball for this because this will be the only opportunity for anyone who is serious about bowling to get a chance to do so at the right length?

What do you reckon a plan or a load of bollocks?


I'm off to watch England get whitewashed by the Aussies now....