Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Subs proposal

We’ve moved venues now to James Hornsby School, which on first impressions seems to have a purpose built hall. It features a wider and longer hall in that there’s probably space for a wicket keeper at one end and a run up for the bowlers at the other end. It also appears to have nets running the length of the hall dividing the hall up into three sections. Perfect for cricket practice and well worth the additional £20 split between us all. Here’s the state of play as it stands.

Currently I have a list of 19 people that have shown an interest in being involved (3 of them very tentatively) and the list of wannabe’s grows every week.

The fortnightly fee for the venue is £70 seemingly paid up front monthly (I’m in the process of doing this for the first time right now). At the moment it’s kind of out of necessity falling to me to pay it otherwise we’re not going to get in there for this weekend (20th Jan).

The situation I don’t want to face is one where we have a practice session and only 5 people turn up and we’re short on the £70.

I’ve given this a bit of thought and talked to a handful of people that seem really up for it and they’ve agreed that it may be an idea to set a fixed practice session fee of £10 for anyone that comes along to the practices.

We’re confident that for most sessions we’ll get the required minimum of 7 players but it looks like it may run to more than that most fortnights and therefore there’s the potential to accumulate cash – a kind of ‘subs’. At the moment there’s a lot of goodwill on both my part and Carl Hodgsons in that we’re supplying a lot of the gear – bats, balls, pads, gloves etc and it’s subject to wear and tear.

The extra cash generated by the subs could be put into an account to purchase ‘Pooled’ equipment – bats, balls, helmets.

At the end of the season if there is any surplus we could have an end of season Bar B Q over at Welstead gardens or something to celebrate our triumph over Sports Science?

The only foreseeable problem might be the ownership of the ‘Pooled’ equipment? My suggestion would be to EBAY it all and get shot of it and use the money for the end of season bash? Or just keep it here for future generations of MPA staff. Suggestions are requested.

So what’s the reckoning to the £10 practice session fee being set? If need be I’ll keep accounts so that every penny is accountable and every purchase is agreed by some form of committee agreement?

Don’t forget your £10 this Saturday! (If you know you’re going to be there the next session I’ll have £20 off you if you can stretch to it this month).