Friday, January 12, 2007

Training Ideas/videos

Have a look at this website for some good training ideas

This’ll take you to the cricinfo home page. If you look to the left there’s a link for ‘The Cricket show’. Click on this and you’ll then be presented with 3 years worth of cricket videos from Australia’s cricket show. Included among them are some good ‘Masterclass’ videos. One of the better ones recently that we should be looking at and adopting as a guide to our training is the ‘Fielding Master class’ in the 2006-2007 section.
Now have a look at click on cricket and then choose skills and again there’s a series of master class videos that don’t quite have the same fun/enthusiasm feeling as the Aussie website does, but are still useful. You can se when you compare the two why they beat the fuck out of us in the ashes.