Sunday, January 21, 2007

Post practice analysis

Again disappointed with myself initially after the net practice I spent Sunday afternoon bowling on grass again trying to rectify my mistakes. This time bowling 51 overs back to back and again on grass doing so much better despite it being wet. But thinking about it, the practice in the nets although it was awful for the first 90 minutes because I couldn't get my length or placing right it did come together during the session where we were playing against each other. Yeah I bowled loads of wides, but the length and the variations worked. Okay I didn't bowl anyone out but almost everyone without exception was knocking short balls right up into the air and in a match would no doubt have been caught out. I also edged a few and a couple of people were caught behind, so in affect I did okay? You tell me - is that true?

I've also got a question for you experts out there. If I'm bowling against a RH batsman I am allowed to bowl down his leg side aren’t I with the intention of making the ball swing in round the back of his legs? (See the first diagram left). Does it then follow that if I was to bowl a straight ball fairly wide I'd get away with it as if the batsman was to try a hook, sweep or square cut shot the length of their arms and bat would extend quite some distance? (See image below).