Wednesday, January 10, 2007

It just got so much better!

Laindon community centre was okay for a bunch of part time wannabe cricket players, but after seeing Alex, Simon and few others perform and Simon saying there wasn't enough room for a run up to bowl it was obvious this was a potential 'Team' in the making. We've got people going to the Gym and working out (Thomas and Nick Naughty). We had Naughty ditch his Pies and Lager diet for Lettuce, Raw carrots and diet coke -it was obvious something was going off. I therefore needed to respond and up the ante on the practicing facilities.

Gentlemen I now propose we ditch Laindon Community Centre for James Hornsby School.

James Hornsby school features

1. Bigger, brighter and better 39yrds x 25yrds approx long enough to accommodate a full length wicket space for a wicket keeper and a LONG run up for the bowlers!
2. Nets. 3 of them it looks like that run the length of the hall - this hall appears to have been designed with cricket practice in mind. It's the real deal!
4. Wooden floors.
5. And it's only £35 per hour
6. It's available every Saturday 12 - 2pm or 11 - 1pm.

I've got the forms and have provisionally booked it every two saturdays till May.

You wait till you see it - I think it's gonna be so much better!