Thursday, January 25, 2007

Finance & Kookaburra balls

Alex asked about the Kookaburra Balls and the possibility that we may buy some more? Last week with the attendance we made an excess of £30, but I've yet to still recoup my £140 outlay on the monthly hire fee. So this coming session anything over 4 people attending will see me paid off and the remainder of the money available to buy gear with - Balls, helmets, bats or spring back stumps for instance? The projected attendance what with the current enthusiasm levels should be at the very least 10 people again meaning we'll have an excess of £70 in the coffers. Having said that I feel it would be better to have £140 in hand in order that I don't have to fork out the deposit again and become overdrawn or use my savings. So in the short term that's seems a reasonable strategy? All of the money collected, spent or held I'll keep an excel spreadsheet of listing who's paid in and who attends etc and at any time if you want to have a look at it I'll produce it. I could even print it off each session for viewing at the after practice analysis.

On the subject of the balls – my feeling is that we have enough pads and gloves to use the real thing. If the bowlers are going to get any practice that’s worthy I think it needs to be conducted with the real thing and there are several people that agree with this, obviously if you don’t fancy the real balls opt for the Kookaburra ones and yes in time we’ll get some more. But as far as I’m concerned using the kookaburra’s is potentially setting me on a backward step and if you’re looking to be one of the batsmen in the first six you too should be getting used to the idea of having big F****s like that Kiwi bloke (6’8” x 3’6” of muscle) trying to throw a hard ball at you at 80mph!